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Profile: Sinochem Shandong Henghe Business Development Co., Ltd. specializes in offering chemicals and pharmaceutical raw materials. Our products include inorganic chemicals, phosphoric acids and organic chemicals. Our organic chemicals include phosphoric acid, sodium hexametaphosphate, magnesium sulphate, potassium permanganates, sodium carbonate, sodium sulphide, barium hydroxide octahydrate, barium nitrate, strontium carbonate, potassium chloride and sodium chloride. Phosphoric acid is used in electrochemical aluminum and phosphorizing steel hose. It is used as a drying agent in the synthesis of various intermediate chemicals and dyes. It is also used in dental cement, copper plate engraving, rust-proofing of metals before painting, coagulating agent of rubber latex and manufacturing of phosphorus salts & compounds. barium nitrate is used in the manufacture of barium salt, organic chemicals, refining fats, oils, ...More>>



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